Kevin Knodell

Seattle, Wash.

Kevin Knodell

As a multimedia journalist I've worked in mediums ranging from feature writing, photography, video to comic books. My career has taken me from bustling ports in the Arabian Gulf to braving smoke from wildfires in the American West. I've interviewed refugees, covert operations veterans, drug dealers, CEOs, Hollywood players and revolutionaries.



Editor/Coordinator for WIB's Iraq/Syria Field Coverage

War Is Boring Field Coverage of the ISIS Conflcit From June 2014-May 2015
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The Strange Saga of the World's Most Expensive Weapon

The F-35 jet can't dogfight and is riddled with glitches, yet we're still paying over $1 trillion for it
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Zero Dark Dirty: Attraction and Assault in the Armed Forces

This story appears in the July/August 2017 issue of Playboy. With the most dangerous combat positions opening to women, an age-old question resurfaces: How do we deal with sexual attraction—and harassment—on the front lines? Late into her deployment to Iraq, Lieutenant Laura Westley, along with some of her fellow soldiers, decided to go skinny-dipping in the pool at one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces.
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Forty-Five Seconds: Crews unfairly blamed for V-22 crashes

Forty-five seconds of swirling dust was all it took to kill two U.S. Marines and injure 20 other service members.
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Mao's American: The GI That Joined China's Communist Party

Sidney Rittenberg greets me with a faint, friendly voice in the lobby of his condo building in Bellevue, Washington. Ninety-three years old, wearing a striped blue polo shirt and khaki cargo pants, he walks slowly but appears remarkably healthy for his age. If you didn't know his background, Rittenberg would come across as just another nonagenarian retiree in the Pacific Northwest.
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Fighting for the Soul of the Confederacy in the Pacific Northwest

"Everything we're taught in school about the Civil War is wrong," asserts Erik Ernst, commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) at the Col. Isaac William Smith Camp #458 in Portland, Oregon. We'd arranged to meet this SCV group in the great Northwest to discuss their use of the Confederate flag and what it means to them living thousands of miles from the Southern states.

War Is Boring: A True War Comic Collection

These are the stories of soldiers, rebels, peacekeepers and refugees. Experience their fear, courage, brutality, humanity excitement -- and, yes, boredom. In comics. From the creators of the Website War Is Boring.
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American Women Are Signing Up for Combat in Unexpected Numbers

Women have qualified for combat jobs at double the rate U.S. Army officials expected, but their future is uncertain. “I have to admit that there was a time when I was on the other side of the argument,” Rachel Washburn said. “I thought, like maybe full integration isn’t what’s best.”. In college, she was a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader before she commissioned as a U.S.
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The Long, Slow Betrayal of America’s Interpreters

Fleeing death, many former military translators are walking to Europe. Marine Aaron Fleming became fast friends with Sami Kazikhani during his deployment to Nimruz province in 2011. Fleming was a member of a team of advisers mentoring Afghan troops, and Kazikhani was one of their interpreters. The Afghan spoke flawless British-accented English — in no small part due to his time living in London — and speaks as many as five languages with varying degrees of fluency.
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These Westerners Joined an Iraqi Militia

“They can have all the weapons they want, but they don’t have faith, they don’t have God.”
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General Russel Honore on Katrina and Pollution

“I don’t call myself an environmentalist, I call myself a pollution fighter” Russel Honoré tells me. The 67-year-old retired lieutenant general doesn’t fit the stereotype of your typical green activist. Many soldiers called him “The Ragin’ Cajun,” though he is—in fact—a Louisiana Creole. For nearly four decades he was a career infantry officer, trained in the art of close combat—leading soldiers to kill America’s enemies before they killed them.
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Displaced, Jobless, Threatened—Arabs in Kurdistan

In February, fighting between Islamic State militants and the Iraqi army drove 41-year-old Salam, a Sunni Arab, from his home in Babil province. He fled with his family to the town of Salahadin, believing it to be safe. He was wrong. The Iraqi army collapsed. Islamic State captured the city of Mosul … and kept advancing.
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Kevin Knodell

Kevin is a multimedia journalist who covers conflict and culture. His work has appeared at Playboy Magazine, The Week, Soldier of Fortune, Vice, The National Interest, War is Boring, McClatchy newspapers and others.

In 2010 as college student he did a series of freelance dispatches from the United Arab Emirates in which he examined the intersections of commerce, migration, conflict and security policies.

From 2013-2017 he was a contributing editor at War Is Boring. During that time he spent a year coordinating the site's Iraq War coverage, remotely supervising a small team of contributors. He was also the lead writer for True War Comics series.

He currently writes the Acts of Valor comic series in Naval History Magazine. He's the lead writer for the upcoming non-fiction comic anthology "The 'Stan" about the Afghan War and the co-author of the memoir "Machete Squad," both releasing as part of the launch of U.S. Naval Institute Press's new Dead Reckoning imprint in Fall 2018.



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